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RL1 Academy

RL1 Academy’s mission is to provide access to an online learning community that connects those looking for K-12 education choices with teachers who create learning experiences. Our online platform gives K-12 learners access to core competency and elective education options, taught by the highest quality educators from around the globe.

How We Do It

The RL1 Academy Platform gives educators the tools to market and deliver learning experiences to students of all ages. Our team of learning resource managers advise educators on the best ways to grow their business. The RL1 Platform gathers the needs of learners and matches them with the skills of educators. Our goal is to help develop every educator into an “Edupreneur”.

Proven Educators

Our curated database of high-quality teachers and tutors are here to help you or your class go to the next level.

Group Solutions

If you’re an individual, small group, or public school, we have affordable, flexible, payment options for everyone.

100% Online

Our modern, online, learning platform is with you wherever you have internet access.



Our classes are taught by industry leaders ready to share their tools, techniques, and insights with you!

Maria Russo


Maria Russo



Offer unique and rare courses to your students - without adding another teacher's salary to the budget.


We have affordable, flexible, payment options for schools, AP classes, or teachers wanting to dive deep into a topic.


Our curated database of high-quality teachers and tutors is here to help your students go to the next level.​

RL1 & Schools

Bring the power of RL1’s easy platform into the classroom to extend your school’s offerings and impact.